The state of Tennessee was the necessary 36th state to ratify the 19th Amendment. Events celebrating the Centennial of women’s right to vote, are taking place nationally and throughout the state of Tennessee.

This information concerns events in Northeast Tennessee and Knoxville. If you are drawn to join in the celebrations in any way, contact Linda.

As celebrations are scheduled, this site will be updated. 


Links to more information on the Journey of the Suffragists.


Votes for Women: A Portrait of Persistence

Perfect 36: When Women Won the Vote chronicles the dramatic vote to ratify the 19th Amendment, and the years of debate about women's suffrage that preceded it. On the sweltering day of August 18, 1920, the House convened. After two consecutive 48-48 outcomes to table the resolution, it was put to a vote.


A Statue of Sue Shelton White, the only Tennessee woman jailed fighting for suffrage was unveiled on May 25, 2017, in front of the City Hall in Jackson, TN.

Dolly’s Song about the 19th Amendment


Tennessee Woman Suffrage Centennial Collaborative

Timeline of the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the U.S.